Hack your open cart pagination library to enable AJAX calls

Open cart pagination

Okay, I just faced and solved an very interesting problem and can’t wait to share with you all.

PROBLEM: I was trying to do pagination calls by ajax as my whole project  architecture is like that. But open cart’s pagination do not by default support ajax call.

I’ll go step by step through the solution.

Pagination class returns a string what we just echo in our page. Now what is the architecture actually of that generated code?

open cart  pagination class generated code

How this code is generated?


You need to change the followings:

Untitled2So, can you see what is the change? I am sending a new flag “isCustomized” and changed the url.

Now you have to change in pagination.php library.Untitled3

Now write your code in classAjax()(Actually it’d callAjax) method.