S60 View Architecture with UI Design For Symbian OS


This example shows how to develop S60 UI applications similar to the native “Settings” application available on every S60 device. This application was chosen because it has different views and uses tabs and a main view to switch between them. The example is based on the S60 UI view architecture.

The article discusses the view architecture and other architectures that can be used to develop UI applications. The example was developed using the Carbide S60 UI design. This article also gives some tips on using this tool.

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This example requires using Carbide UI Design.


There are three UI architecture options for developing applications: the traditional Symbian OS architecture, the S60 view architecture, and the dialog-based architecture.

Dialog-based architecture:

An architecture where most parts of the views are dialogs. In these cases multi-page dialogs act as multiple views.


  • Content and layout can be changed in the resource file without rebuilding the C++ code.