Change base url of your magento application (And a bonus problem!)

Starting work with magetno (eCommerce platform). I installed the framework defining the base url as “localhost“. Everything was OK  but yet i was unable to login to admin panel. I even tried changing password in database (Changing the original password to md5 hash).

I just figured out that magento requires “.” in the host name (it should be instead of localhost). So, i had to change the host name      every time browsing each new page from admin panel. This solved my bonus problem ;P.

The problem changing the url every time is annoying. The solution is just change localhost to in System-> Configuration -> Web -> General .

And you have to change the web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url of “core_config_data” table of database.

After this I restarted the apache server even restarted my PC but didn’t able to get the change.

What you have to do is simply just clear your magento cache.

It’s done!

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