Spring MVC configuration Tutorial

While recently initiating a project using Spring MVC, we ware trying to discover some technical know how’s. We were doing that at random but one of my friend and college Abdullah Al Hasib made a skeleton project where almost all start-up issues are solved. He also made a documentation for us which further edited by Sheikh Nabil Mohammad also a Friend and college.

I am just including all of this here.

Please Download the project from here
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How to move transparent photoshop object to illustrator

It’s been a problem to move photoshop transparent objects to illustrator. It’s because when you move the object to illustrator, it fills transparent portions with white color. So to avoid the problem just select your object to another transparent file in photoshop and save it as .psd file. Then simply just open it with illustrator. Problem is solved !

Change default username and/or password of phpMyAdmin in xampp

If you want to change  default username and/or password of your xampp for any reason like my one(Using different mySql already installed in my machine ).  You simply do the following.

1. Open phpMyAdmin’s config file. In my case I’am using xampp-1.7.4 the config file named config.inc.php in ../xampp/phpMyAdmin/.

2. Check if $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘auth_type’] = ‘config’ if it’s not ‘config’ but ‘cookie’ or ‘http’  then you need to create a new MySQL user account before you change those(username and password) values.

3. Now change the value of $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘user’]  and $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘password’].

Good luck with that.

Introduction to Spring Web MVC

This document shows you how to construct a simple web MVC application using the Spring Framework. The application enables a user to enter her name in a text field, and upon clicking OK, the name is returned and displayed on a second page with a welcome greeting.

The Spring Framework is a popular open source application framework that can make Java EE development easier. It consists of a container, a framework for managing components, and a set of snap-in services for web user interfaces, transactions, and persistence. A part of the Spring Framework is Spring Web MVC, an extensible MVC framework for creating web applications. Continue reading

9 Things That Motivate Employees More Than Money

Don’t show ’em the money (even if you have it). Here are nine better ways to boost morale.

The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur can possess. Two years ago, I realized I didn’t have this skill. So I hired a CEO who did.

Josh had 12 years in the corporate world, which included running a major department at Comcast. I knew he was seasoned, but I was still skeptical at first. We were going through some tough growing pains, and I thought that a lack of cash would make it extremely difficult to improve the company morale.

I was wrong.

With his help and the help of the great team leaders he put in place, Josh not only rebuilt the culture, but also created a passionate, hard-working team that is as committed to growing and improving the company as I am.

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S60 View Architecture with UI Design For Symbian OS


This example shows how to develop S60 UI applications similar to the native “Settings” application available on every S60 device. This application was chosen because it has different views and uses tabs and a main view to switch between them. The example is based on the S60 UI view architecture.

The article discusses the view architecture and other architectures that can be used to develop UI applications. The example was developed using the Carbide S60 UI design. This article also gives some tips on using this tool.

This snippet can be self-signed.



This example requires using Carbide UI Design.


There are three UI architecture options for developing applications: the traditional Symbian OS architecture, the S60 view architecture, and the dialog-based architecture.

Dialog-based architecture:

An architecture where most parts of the views are dialogs. In these cases multi-page dialogs act as multiple views.


  • Content and layout can be changed in the resource file without rebuilding the C++ code.


Read a .txt file in Symbian

If you want to read a file and display that on alert screen the following code snippet will do that for you.

TBuf8<128> rcvr;
TBuf<128> tDsply;
RFs fSessionRd;
RFile fileRd;
TInt retRd=fileRd.Open(fSessionRd, _L("C:\\testFile.txt"), EFileRead);


How does Google do a barrel roll?

By now you’ve probably seen Google “do a barrel roll”. If you haven’t, head over to google.com and enter “Do a barrel roll”. What? You’re using IE? Ok, well then no tricks for you. I suggest Chrome. For the rest of us, Google’s page does a nice little in-place spin. When you saw it you may have thought “How the heck did they pull that off?” or maybe you said “Since when does google use flash?” or possibly “I feel the need… …the need for speed!”. The answer to the first question is easy. I’ll show you how they did it: Continue reading